Best Mechanical Switches for Gaming in 2022

Mechanical Switches for Gaming

We all desire to become the greatest at games, but many people ignore one crucial factor: the mechanical switches. The keyboard switches are the devices that determine the operation of each keystroke. Mechanical switches are used to summon the quick response that a human may obtain by spending time in gaming sessions and knowing when to deliver and how much control system they require inside a competing new multiplayer setting. 

Switches are designed so that they work in a specific way. We’ll go through the most remarkable mechanical switches for gaming so you can set up some of the best possible game setups.

As a result, guiding you to the best mechanical switch isn’t likely to be as simple because there aren’t any when it comes to keyboard switches. Instead, we can help you limit your options and point you on the correct path based on your preferences and the PC game genres you enjoy.

Quick Buying Tips:

Mechanical switches are separated by their physical characteristics to cater to the preferences and fashions of specific performances.

Actuation point: Just because you press a mechanical switch will not mean it’s been recruited and recognized as a keyboard by the computer. For a full keystroke, you must first strike the actuation point.

Actuation force: Your computer may register a keystroke when a more extensive activation power is required. All crucial measures, commonly expressed in  (g) or centinewtons, are referred to as this term (CN).

RGB: stands mean Red, Green, and Blue and are also referred to as multi-shaded backlight illumination, which is currently available on some keyboards. Most mechanical switches have RGB compatibility in some form, while others have better colors.

1. Cherry MX Speed Silver

Cherry MX Red Black
Cherry MX Red Black
  • Linear Silver Cherry MX Speed
  • Sound is smooth and quiet
  • Actuation force of 45g
  • 80g Force Bottom-Out
  • 1.2mm actuator distance
  • Distance of 3.4mm

Game players will appreciate the short travel distance of the Cherry MX Speed Silver. It is directly operated, which means each keystroke is solid, with no distracting tactile bumps. A distance of only 1.2 mm separates the actuator from the base, which is 40% shorter than the standard distance. You may have to spend more for Cherry MX Speed Silver switches because they are more difficult to find.

2. Razer Red Optical

Razer Red Optical
Razer Red Optical
  • 40g Actuation Force
  • 65g Bottom-Out Force
  • 1.0mm Actuation Distance
  • 3.5mm Travel Distance

Thanks to Razer’s unique design, Razer Optical Red is a lightning-fast keyboard with a stabilizer bar that makes every keystroke seem stable. The Switch has been upgraded to a Gen 2 design. The Razer Optical Red Gen 2 has smoother functioning and some sound reduction, making it more suitable for night gaming.

Those looking for a switch based only on how rapidly it actuates might consider one. Although, there is one drawback. It can only find it on Razer Huntsman keyboards. A longer lifespan is another advantage. Switches that are quick to actuate are the best choice if you only care about the speed of the switch. The most significant disadvantage of the short activation distance and poor feel is that it is easy to make typing errors and, as a result, it is somewhat uncomfortable.

3. Kailh Speed Silver

Kailh Speed Silver
Kailh Speed Silver
  • Quiet and smooth sound
  • Actuation 40 g of force
  • 70g Bottom-Out Force
  • 1.1mm Actuation Distance
  • 3.5mm travel distance

If you’re looking for an additional speed switch, the Kailh Speed Silver is a good option because it’s less expensive. The actuation distance of the switches is also shorter (0.1 mm), enabling it potentially faster.

Cherry switches undergo extensive testing and reliability screening to attain the coveted 100 million keystrokes. A Kailh switch will last for between 50 million and 60 million keystrokes. Kailh Speed switches are an excellent choice when you’re on a budget. If you need a linear speed switch, it has the Speed Copper – Gold switches.

4. Cherry MX Red/Black

Cherry MX Red Black
Cherry MX Red Black
  • Type: Linear
  • Sound: Quiet
  • Actuation Force: 60 grams
  • The bottom-out force is 85g
  • The Actuation Distance is 2mm
  • Distance traveled: 4mm

If you want a sturdy switch, Cherry MX Red and Black switches are ideal. Cherry MX switches are the method to go if you want a switch that would last a long time. The actuation distance is 2mm, so they aren’t lightning fast. They do, however, strike an excellent mix between comfort and durability when gaming. Because of their scratchiness, they are classified below Gateron switches. Cherry MX Black switches are ideal for folks with clumsy fingertips. Razer’s trademark design includes a stabilizing bar on each switch to make every keystroke feel solid. The switch was re-released with such a Generation 2 design with the release of Razer’s Huntsman Mini.

Reason to buy:

  • Excellent feel
  • Fast inputs
  • Calm

Reason to Avoid:

  • No bounce or physical input 

5. Gateron Brown

Gateron Brown
Gateron Brown

Some people prefer that red switches are not gratifying during pressing, whereas blue switches may be excessively noisy. Reds are softer and quieter than blues. It strikes a good mix between tactile feedback and quiet pressing, so you might conclude it’s the greatest of both switches. It also outperforms blue switches in terms of speed. It’s also ideal for gamers looking for a keyboard that combines speed, great bounce, and silent operation. Many gamers like Gateron brown switches, while the Cherry Mx variant is excellent.

Reason to buy:

  • Blue switches are quieter. 
  • Still fast

Reason to avoid:

  • More powerful presses are required.

Does the Switch Make a Difference in Gaming?

When it comes to gaming, there is a slew of various aspects at hand that influence if you win or lose. Throughout, the switch you utilize could have a minor effect. You can cut milliseconds off your response time by switching to a faster switch, putting you slightly ahead of your competition. In fact, this may be only a 0.01 percent boost in speed but may be evident if you compete at the highest level. So, the switch is essential.


Switches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. What matters is choosing the proper Switch is what you just want out of it. Usually, gaming switches are the fastest, but they also have several disadvantages: a higher price, a lower comfort factor, and limited options. When it comes to gaming switches that are lightning fast, try Razer’s Red Optical Switch or Cherry’s Speed Silver Switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mechanical switch for gaming?

Cherry MX Speed Silver, Cherry MX Red/Black, Razer Red Optical Switch, and Kailh Speed Silver are just a few of the most significant switches for gaming.

What is the best color switch for gaming?

Red, yellow, brown, and black are just a few of the fantastic color switches provided for gaming.

Is it good for gaming to use mechanical switches?

When pressed, mechanical switches offer different results, providing a good gaming option.

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