About Us

Top Tech Inside introduces gamers and professionals to the best PC equipment. In other words, it helps people buy a product that is worth their money. Haris Rehman created this site after realizing that most of the online reviews are pay-for-play and are not genuine, which is why the computer components he buys after reading reviews online rarely live up to their expectations.

Having realized that many people, like him, must be misled by paid reviews, Haris came up with the idea of this website. The site is dedicated to providing people with authentic reviews. We provide you with reliable and honest reviews here, so you can buy the right motherboard or keyboard for your needs.

Our reviews at Top Tech Inside are honest and practical because we perform benchmarking tests and experiment with PC components under different conditions. The next time you buy a processor or a mouse, you know where to go.

About Haris Rehman:

Founder of Top Tech Inside, Haris Rehman is a PC enthusiast, computer engineer, and video gamer. He is passionate about PCs and their components and is always looking to expand his knowledge. Top Tech Inside’s mission is to revolutionize and transform online reviews.

Our staff at Top Tech Inside are working day and night to make the information we provide better and to only present it to people who are really interested in it.

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